Shared Parenting

Challenges of Parenting In A Fast-Paced Society

Faced with competing priorities and time squeeze, today’s dual career parents need to make tough choices to enable their families to function healthily. This engaging talk seeks to create awareness of the benefits of shared parenting and the significant contribution a father can make in the social, emotional and cognitive development of their children’s lives.

  1. Short introduction to Better Dads Malaysia
  2. Trends of Family Life

    • From the perspectives of social workers

  3. Challenges for Dual-Income Parents

    • Bridging the Parent-child contact time dilemma

  4. The Benefits of Co-Parenting

    • Maximising your parenting potential

  5. What Today’s Children Need

    • Learning from recent researches

  6. The “Fathering” Difference

    • Turning the hearts of children towards their fathers

  7. Practical Tips for Connecting with Kids

    • helpful ideas to build relations with your children

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