Parent-Child Bonding Activities

Parent-child bonding through solution-focused conversations.

This is a unique parent-child bonding workshop using solution focused conversations. Through a series of guided strength based solution focused discussions and experiential activities, parents will learn to listen and affirm the strengths in their teens in away that will increase confidence in them and create a new level of parent-teen relationship. At this bonding workshop both parent and child will :
  • Listen and learn about each other’s strengths and gifts
  • Learn ways to promote confidence and trust in each other
  • Learn to talk in a way that will enhance parent-teen relationship and create space for growth for teens.
  • Learn the power of affirmations in a parent-teen relationship.
  1. This is a 3 hours one parent one child bonding workshop. Child will be group either P1-3 or P4-6.
  2. The maximum capacity for this workshop is 15 pairs and strictly one parent to one child.
  3. The workshop is highly interactive, fun and meaningful. It involves parentchild experiential activities and discussions with a Solution Focused orientation.
  4. The workshop ends with a powerful strengths affirmation from a parent to a child.
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