ICAN Fathering Workshop

ICAN stands for Involvement, Consistency, Awareness, and Nurturance.

Research on parenting teens indicates that those with 'highest fathering satisfaction comes from those who are more communicative with their teens'. It will be a challenge to be more communicative with our teens if this relationship is not cultivated from when their children are young.

This workshop opens our eyes to the importance of father-child relationship and provides practical tips on how to communicate with your child in a way that will nurture them. Everychild needs a father who values them enough to help them grow into happy, confident and resilient person.

This is a 6 hours workshop interactive workshop conducted over 2 sessions that appeals to adult learning styles.Participants (fathers only) can expect to appreciate the importance of fathering involvement, explore vital skills for building lasting relationships with their children. In our sessions, we watch short video clips, process relevant exercises and equip the fathers with action tips to begin bonding with their children. Fathers of school going children will find a wealth of information and discover much wisdom in fathering young children.


This seminar is based on the research of Dr Ken Canfield who surveyed thousands of literature, journals on parenting and listed several common qualities of good parenting and applied it specifically to fathering. Dr Ken Canfield is one of the leading researchers on fathering. It is designed to help fathers discover ways to build a close relationship with their children.

Fathering Profile

This unique and highly validated assessment inventory helps a man identify his fathering style, strengths and weaknesses. The results guide a father to key perceptions and activities best linked to his fathering success & satisfaction.

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